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PeptiMimesis is a strategic partner in the design, the discovery and the early development of transmembrane therapeutic peptides. Our innovative approach enables the identification of peptidomimetic candidates interfering with the hetero- and/or the homodimerization of target receptors.

PeptiMimesis will develop its pipeline against key targets in the fields of oncology and immuno-oncology and is open to initiate collaboration with pharma partners on receptors of interest.

Press Releases

16-02-29 PeptiMimesis: New biotech startup

PeptiMimesis: New biotech startup developing next generation therapeutic peptides in immuno-oncology, oncology and immune diseases

16-03-08 Ipsen and PeptiMimesis partnership

Ipsen and PeptiMimesis announce a research partnership in oncology

16-04-20 PeptiMimesis secures €1.2m ($1.4m) from Cap Innov’Est

The company will launch its breakthrough technology-platform dedicated to identifying next-generation therapeutic peptides

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